Welcome to the Cultural Studies Program - THE INVISIBLE HIDDEN IN EVERYDAY LIFE

Welcome to the Cultural Studies Program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Cultural Studies Program plays an important role in equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become engaged, critical and active members of society. Knowledge of diverse cultures and communities, including one’s own culture, is no longer specific to the field of anthropology. The 21st century professions rely on cross-cultural communication and intercultural competence. The Cultural Studies Program encourages reflexivity in finding a healthy balance between cultural relativity and ethnocentrism.

The Program encourages students to employ a range of research methods in the pursuit of knowledge and fosters field work, as well as community engagement. Moreover, students develop a sense of ethics and civic engagement in addition to their scholarly research. Cultural Studies students learn how to examine and critically think on social, political and cultural issues improving the social cohesion in their own cultural environment. Cultural Studies department offers the courses related to aesthetics, film and performing arts theory. Culture and folklore are compared and contrasted referring to the globally popular film genres and themes such as through the courses Vampire Cinema or Disney Culture Basics. Cultural specifics of cinema and performing arts reflect the specific critical perspectives of the wide range of disciplines that are to be introduced and analyzed such as literary theory, ideology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, religion, folklore, suburban and pop culture, among others. Courses such as Anthropology and Ethnography, Bosnian Cultural Heritage and Turkish Cultural Heritage strengthen student’s understanding and appreciation of all aspects of culture and equip them with the knowledge required to understand various cultural systems.

Our location in the heart of Europe, in the city of Sarajevo, a region celebrated for its multi-religious and multi-cultural character, provides a rich field for social and cultural research. Our graduate students have the opportunity to conduct critical and original research, including investigating matters of identity, power politics and representation. The Cultural Studies Program at IUS is the only Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region that offers courses/programs at a Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level. We welcome you to our Program, to explore new horizons, and to see the invisible hidden in everyday life.  Culture does matter!