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Coordinator's Message

Cultural Studies

Dear students,

Rapid and ongoing changes in culture and science require constant personal and professional adapting and development. A definition of a modern educated individual is a multi-talented, cross-culturally sensitive professional able to work, develop and contribute in multicultural environments. The film industry, media, diplomacy, cultural and tourism entrepreneurship, translation, writing, art, literature, and theatre are many areas that blend and complement each other, opening new areas of cross-disciplinary collaboration between arts, social sciences, and humanities.

Program Coordinator

Asst. Prof.
Dr. Nadira Puškar-Mustafić

Cultural Studies (CULT) is a multidisciplinary program offering courses in literature, linguistics, sociology, philosophy, political science, art theory, history, cinema, and media studies. CULT studies cover various topics, including cinema and media theories, colonialism and postcolonialism, nationhood and national identity, philosophy, translation, literary and media genres, identity, and global cultures.

As a result, by studying critical cultural theories and using interdisciplinary techniques, students will be able to employ comparative analysis and critical thinking in researching and analyzing works in local and global culture by referencing key internationally famous thinkers and research in cultural studies.

By acquiring, consolidating, and developing multi-disciplines skills, students can confidently enter the job market, gaining focus in their dominant fields of interest while displaying competencies from other fields simultaneously. Some of the many areas our (post)graduates can find employment in are culture, tourism, diplomacy, education, and media.

Assistant Professor Dr. Nadira Puškar-Mustafić

Cultural Studies Program Coordinator

Cultural Studies

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Cultural Studies

"If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it."
Johan Huizinga