CULT Master Study

The second study cycle curriculum of Cultural Studies is designed for both professionals working in related fields and for graduates who have completed the first cycle of study in the field of cultural studies or in other associated academic areas.Candidates will be able to enhance their knowledge in the field of Cultural Studies through the range of offered courses and conduct a further specialization in the preparation of the final (master's) thesis. Special attention during the master's program will focus on the social, cultural, political and artistic, characteristics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Turkey. Students will also acquire scientific research skills to carry out research related to the culture industries, media and entertainment, cultural heritage as well as literary and film analysis. This program will equip students with methodological knowledge and skills in order to enable them to perform a variety of research and policy development.

CULT II cycle studies curriculum is tailored to the needs of students from all over the world. However, special emphasis is placed on students from Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina, since both countries are going through the unique socio-political and economic change and transformation. There is a demand for such graduates in the public sector, the business sector, non-governmental organizations, education and the media.The second study cycle of the Cultural Studies Program provides an opportunity for candidates to continue their studies in the third cycle. Upon successful completion of 240 credits in the first cycle, students can pursue their master's program requires candidates to complete an additional 60 credits. Thus, the CULT second study cycle is designed with an aim to completes and complements the first CULT cycle studies. Given the fact that the CULT students in the first cycle already mastered the knowledge and skills in cultural studies, anthropology, film studies, comparative literature, they will be able to follow much more advanced courses related to the respective fields within Cultural Studies. The first study cycle of the CULT study program will develop students' analytical, creative and critical skills. Therefore, the second cycle of the Cultural Studies students will be encouraged to research and work on projects focusing on social and cultural policies, media and cinema, cross-cultural communication, cultural analysis, cultural exchange and cultural heritage.

The Objectives and the Profile of the Second Study Cycle

Objectives of studying in 2nd study cycle are:

  • To introduce and enhance students knowledge of the key theories in the field of cultural studies
  • To ensure students apply critical thinking and self reflexivity when thinking about theories and issues in the field of cultural studies
  •  To help students to develop problem solving skills leadership skills;
  •  To make sure that students develop and improve their qualitative and quantitative research skills;
  • To ensure students connect cultural studies theories and concepts with contemporary problems and issue
  • To equip students with knowledge and skills to perform project coordination and management tasks;
  • To offer students an interdisciplinary program that includes different disciplines such as anthropology, film and media studies, comparative literature, Bosnian Studies and Turkish Studies to achieve comprehensive knowledge and skills.  

Learning Outcomes of the Second Study Cycle

After completion of the study program, students will be able to:

  • Define key terms and conceptsin the field of cultural studies;
  • Demonstrate critical and innovative thinking in the field of cultural studies in a variety of settings;
  • Use and apply management skills;
  • Conduct research, systematizing and synthesizing information;
  • Apply independent thinking in the development and justification of own views;
  • Express and arrange ideas, compose literature review and organize data in an interdisciplinary academic style;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the theories and practice in cultural studies


II. Study Cycle CULT Curriculum